Commitment to sustainability

The Rio das Antas Energy Company has always aligned its operations with the best environmental practices and the determination to generate energy while causing the least amount of impact on the environment. 

Since the initiation of the licensing process, Ceran has treated all environmental issues as priorities and has sought technically superior solutions, aiming for operation of a Complex based on the principles of sustainability. Therefore, in the region of the project, Ceran has developed and implemented a Basic Environmental Project with 27 specific programs, focused on physical, biotic and socio-economic-cultural measures.

Environmental control monitoring during the constructive period was very strict, with extreme care taken with all those involved with the Complex. On finishing the project, the environments were restored and reintegrated with the communities. After completion, the information along with technical and scientific results obtained resulted in a consistent database, of great relevance, available in the environmental reports forwarded to licensing and inspection agencies. 

In accordance with the solid principles of sustainable development and with environmental policies, Ceran maintains an Integrated Management System that aims at the standardization and certification of the principal work processes, in the dimensions of quality, the environment and occupational health and safety.

In pioneering fashion, the Monte Claro Hydroelectric Power Plant was listed in the criteria of the UNFCCC's Clean Development Mechanism, established in the Kyoto Protocol, for its contribution in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. In December 2007, through the Monte Claro Hydroelectric Power Plant, Ceran completed its first sale, in the world, of Certified Emission Reduction (CERs) of CO², coming from a run-of-the-river plant, with more than 20MW.

It is on these terms that Ceran operates and develops its activities: permanently committed to sustainable development.