How Compensation Occurs

Compensation for families involved in the implementation of the Monte Claro, Castro Alves and 14 de Julho Hydroelectric Power Plants was defined through detailed surveys of all the existing assets and home improvements on the properties located in the affected areas.

The entire compensation process was discussed with representatives of the interested sectors (land owners, trade unions, city halls and business owners), following clear rules previously established, so that it was carried out fairly and with the owners agreement. 

Ceran promoted the socio-economic registration of the population, the topographical survey of the properties and a survey of the home improvements. The compensation for the affected area was based on the collected data. The home improvement evaluation process followed procedures established with the Council of Representatives (made up of representatives from the city halls, rural labor trade unions and owners), research agencies and in accordance with the regional market. 

Compensated areas
The areas compensated were those selected for the creation of the reservoirs, construction sites, access paths, machine housing and permanent preservation areas. 

Price research
Reproductive improvements (crop fields, orchards), non-reproductive improvements (houses, sheds, storerooms, aviaries and pig pens) and the evaluation of open land had their prices established in conjunction with a team of specialized professionals with a deep knowledge of the region, in common accord with the trade unions and land owners’ representative agencies.   

Appraisal reports
The registries for the evaluation of the improvements, for the purpose of compensation, were developed with a base on a detailed physical survey of the properties, collected with the owners.  This information was used for determining the value of each compensation, considering the improvements (non-reproductive and reproductive), land and prices. 

Representative Councils
The representative councils of the communities were made up of representatives from the city halls, the rural labor trade unions and the land owners.  

Compensation and/or relocation
The compensated owners received an agreed amount in cash, in a single installment, on signing the documents transferring the areas.   

In cases of resettlement, Ceran negotiated the criteria and the alternatives to be adopted together with the communities’ council of representatives.




Below are examples of resettlement:

  • Antes Before
  • Depois After

  • Antes Before
  • Depois After

  • Antes Before
  • Depois After